Eseguire istanze multiple di Teamspeak

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Molte volte mi sarebbe servito poter connettermi contemporaneamente a 2 server teamspeak dallo stesso pc ma, normalmente, cio’ non √® possibile.

Esistono pero’ diversi modi per “scavalcare” il problema:

Run Multiple Clients

There are 3 methods to running 2 teamspeak clients on one computer. The first one can be used on Windows 98/XP and the second can only be used on Windows XP. Using 2 clients is ideal if you provide a feed and want to listen to another. In order to have more than one feed, additional sound cards are needed.

Method 1: Install Previous Version (This is not supported by teamspeak)

  • Download this (and only this) previous version of Teamspeak here
  • Install this version to a DIFFERENT folder than your current version, ie. C:\Program_Files\Teamspeak
  • Re-enter the server and login information
  • Voila! 2 Teamspeak clients running on your desktop at the same time!

Method 2: Patch Executable with hex editor

with null bytes

  • Save file, and run as many clients as you like
  • note: you may have to unpack the exe with upx

if it’s compressed “upx -d TeamSpeak.exe”

Method 3: Create Additional XP Users

  • In the “Control Panel” go to “users” and create a new user
  • Log on with the new user by pressing the Windows button and ” L ” simultaneously. You can also switch users via the Start Menu and selecting “Log Off”
  • Locate and run your current installation of Teamspeak
  • Run the client and re-enter the server and login information
  • Voila! 2 Teamspeak clients running (with different users) at the same time!

Program Defaults

  • In order for clickable links / shortcuts to work with your current version of Teamspeak (and not the previous), you need to re-download the latest version here
  • Now, you must re-install it to the SAME folder that your LATEST version of Teamspeak was already installed to, ie. C:\Program_Files\Teamspeak2_RC2. This is the version you orginally had prior to beginning this trick.

L’articolo completo si trova nella Scan Massachusetts Wiki all’indirizzo:

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