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Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel Interface for FS2004


System Requirements:

How to use:

  • Plug-in your Pro Flight Switch Panel
  • Start FS9
  • Minimize FS9
  • Start this program
  • Maximize FS9
  • Enjoy!

Su gentile richiesta ho aggiunto le istruzioni anche in italiano:
Istruzioni per l’utilizzo:

  • Collegare il Pro Flight Switch Panel alla porta USB
  • Avviare FS9
  • Ridurre a icona FS9
  • Avviare il programma
  • Ripristinare FS9
  • Buon divertimento!


  • The program is quite self-explainatory. However you can still contact me, just read the Support section below.


  • “Is SSP compatible with FSX?”:
    NO! SSP is compatible with FS9 only!
    Please use original Saitek software for FSX support.
  • “When I start SSP, FS9 slow down and I get very low FPS!”:
    Please close SSP (NOT FS9 just SSP) and restart it.
    If this does not help close SSP again and restart it.
    Some users have reported that restarting SSP a few times (3/4) should fix the problem.
    This is a TEMPORARY workaround while I find the real cause of this slowdown.
    (Many thanks to Ulrich Ebert).
  • “FSUIPC Version error! You need FSUIPC version 3.72 or later!”:
    Please update your FSUIPC version to 3.72 or later.However if you own a registered copy of FSUIPC just ignore the warning, the program should run just fine.


  • I will try to reply at kindly-written email sent to with Subject starting with “[SSP]” (without double-quotes). However no guarantees are given. I will not reply to any question already answered in the FAQ above.


  • Please notify me any bug you find (with as many details as you can and, if possible, how to reproduce it) sending an email to this address with Subject starting with “[SSP] Bug” (without double-quotes).


  • Send an email to with Subject starting with “[SSP-Wish]” (without double-quotes) and it will be added here.


  • You’re free to use the program as long as you wish WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY ANYTHING.If you payed for this program or you know someone that is asking money for this program please contact me.
  • You’re NOT ALLOWED TO COPY/REDISTRIBUTE IT (on your own website or server) without my approval. You’re however freely allowed to link this page (You’re not allowed to link any other URL than this as long as you are a Non-commercial / Non-profit organization.
    Please note that this limitation is intended only to help me in counting the total number of downloads and to ensure that all users can always get the latest version of the software.
  • Use this program at your own risk. Using this program you agree that I can’t be held responsible for any damage or loss of: data, money, (free) time, social life, wife/girlfriend, world cup final etc.etc.
  • For any question about licensing/mirroring/distributing please contact me.



  • 10-03-2010: Added Italian “How to use” section.
  • 06-04-2009: Celebrating (with a little delay) 2500+ downloads.Better late than ever! :)
  • 03-01-2009: FAQ section updated. Added workaround for the FS9 slowdown/low FPS problem.
  • 24-12-2008: Celebrating 1000+ downloads… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • 30-10-2008: SSP is available for download…enjoy! :)

14 pensieri su “SSP”

  1. Dear Krosa !
    I payed an Pro Flight Switch panel for the FS2004.
    Installed this according to normal procedude but the panel doesn’t working. I take Downloaded the Dowson software (FSUIPC 3.999).
    Perform the switching procedure above. After the panel starting the working but some function doesn’t working properly and the de-ice switch doesn’t working anytime…..(at the B737-400). Please help witch need taking. Brgds : thomas

  2. Saitek provide a link to a program called SPAD if you ask them.
    This will help you.
    A copy of the reply from Bogdan is below , with a link included:
    Dear Bob,

    Thank you for contacting Mad Catz Europe Technical Support.

    Please be advised that the panels work with both the simulators you have named among other flight simulators. Please follow the link below and from there you will be able to download a tool that will help you sort out the situation.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,
    Bogdan Pascu

  3. You will also need a copy of Peter Dowsons FSUIPC (registered version).

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